Firse Machayenge Remix lyrics

Firse Machayenge Remix – Emiway Bantai and Macklemore. Lyrics Emiway Bantai drops another music remix video titled “firse machayenge remix” on his youtube channel. this remix track is sung and written by emiway bantai & macklemore and music produced by tony james . this song is remix version of his sucessfull song firse machayenge so … Read more

Ab puch lyrics emiway

Ab puch – Emiway Lyrics Emiway drops a surprise track for his fans called ” AB PUCHH”. In this song he talk about his earlier Life when he was not sucess then people were ask to him how can you earn from rap, rap Is time waste etc.If you are an artist please keep struggling … Read more

New World lyrics Emiway Feat Snoop Dogg

New World lyrics Emiway Feat Snoop Dogg Emiway Release a new song titled ” NEW WORLD” featuring with SNOOP DOGG and LEXZ PRYDE. Sung by Emiway x lexz pryde feat snoop dogg. Snoop Dogg is a big international hiphop artist so this is the on of the biggest collaboration for EMIWAY BANTAI and Indian Hiphop. … Read more

bantai lyrics emiway

BANTAI – EMIWAY Lyrics Singer :EMIWAY Singer :EMIWAY Music B:ASS MUTANT Song Writer :EMIWAY Area mei fatke bhi lagate The ek samay bantai Ab bade hue dimag aur lade bantai Zondagi se aur khudke dum pe aj khade bantai Barvi tak sikhsha liya ache se Pade bantai Angreji bhi apne hisab se hi chale bantai … Read more

Emiway feel lyrics

FEEL – EMIWAY Lyrics Singer EMIWAY Singer EMIWAY Music RYINI BEATS Song Writer EMIWAY Feel karu khudko udne laga aasmaan mein khudse hu aya mein  ye nahi kar paayenge inse na hoga yeh isme mehnat hai inko baithe bithaye  sabkuchh chahiye table pe tera bhai ziddi sign nahi karta contract paper pe bina PR team … Read more

Emiway miss tujhe lyrics

MISS TUJHE – EMIWAY Lyrics Emiway drops another song “MISS TUJHE” fromhis EP ” DHUNDHKE DIKHA” . In this Article you will get emiway miss tujhe lyrics. Singer EMIWAY Singer EMIWAY Music HIPPY JACK Song Writer EMIWAY (Hook)Mein karne laga miss tujhe M not living in my present Jeera yesterday Pasand aane lage mujhe teri … Read more


MALIK  is surprise track by emiway bantai.malik track is written and performed by emiway bantai and music by flamboy beat   Singer Emiway Bantai Singer Emiway Bantai Music Flamboy Song Writer Emiway Bantai Na mei karu waste mera time Sab online Sach batein bolunga mei please don’t mind Keemato ke mamle mei bada bhi toh … Read more