Jo Tu Chahega Karma Believe Lyrics Raftaar

Karma believe lyrics

Believe lyrics Karma and Raftaar Indian Rapper Karma has to release his first song titled BELIEVE from his album MVP. In this post you will get Believe lyrics Karma feat Raftaar. Before starting lyrics lets talk about song overview. Song is written and Performed by Karma and Raftaar. This song will be released on 31th … Read more

Karma Basic Bars 2 lyrics

Basic bars 2 lyrics Karma Karma drops another song titled Basic Bars 2 on his youtube channel Karma the lekhak. The song basic bars 2 is a freeverse song written and performance by Karma and music produced by Candid Nib . In this post you will get karma basic bar 2 lyrics or basic bar 2 … Read more

बाबा यागा लीरिक्स – Karma

बाबा यागा लीरिक्स / Baba yaga lyrics  भारतीय hiphop rapper करमा का नया संगीत बाबा यागा कलमकार नाम के यूट्यूब चैनलअपलोड किया गया । इस hiphop track मे रफ्तार ने beat produce किए जबकि यह संगीत करमा केद्वारा लिखा गया है , एवं स्वर भी करमा के ही हैं । Baba yaga lyrics  बाबा यगा … Read more

RAASTAFARI lyrics EPR feat Karma

RAASTAFARI – EPR feat KARMA Lyrics EPR drops a pure hip-hop track with karma (KALAMKAAR artist) on his youtube channel titled “RAASTAFARI”.  Before starting of EPR Rastafari lyrics please read about this track . EPR and Karma, decide one finest moment in the recent past, that they would join forces for a fiery collaboration to … Read more


Karma kuchh to log kahenge lyrics Kuch to log kahenge is a rap song which written and performed by karma and music by deep kalsi.This song is release on kalamkaar music label . WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY — KARMAMUSIC– DEEP KALSI LABEL KALAMKAARALBUM– NEWCOMER Yeah,  Deep Kalsi!  KARMA!  Kuch toh Log Kahenge!  Zindagi sholey toh sardaar … Read more

करमा गोड्ज़िल्ला लीरिक्स | karma godzilla lyrics in hindi

KARMA : GODZILLA | DEEP KALSI | KALAMKAAR – KARMA Lyrics Rapper: KARMA Music: DEEP KALSI Song Writer: KARMA label;               kalamkaar release date:  8 march 2020 album:              new comer यो दीप कालसी के संगीत पे यो तेरे सहर में घुमू मे बनके गोड्ज़िल्ला … Read more