Raga Kaisa hai bhai lyrics Raga

 Raga Kaisa hai bhai lyrics Raga drops another songs titled KAISA HAI BHAI. This song is written and sung by Raga and beat produce by UZI.    In this article you will find raga kaisa hai bhai lyrics, so lets start kaisa hai bhai raga lyrics. Checkout – Raga Whats Poppin Lyrics Kiasa hai bhai Raga … Read more

Brave 492001 Lyrics

Brave 492001 Lyrics – Innovura entertainment The song 492001 is first song from new label Innovura entertainment. This song is written and performed by brave, music produced by heat and mix and master by winterfell. Song name is 492001 that means the rapper birth date 4-9-2001. What you think about it please tell me in … Read more

Mumbai Darshan lyrics

Devil Mumbai Darshan Lyrics Mumbai Darshan is a rap song by D’EVIL who is a rapper in gullygang. Mumbai Darshan is written , compose and sung by Devil and music produced by Karan Kanchan. In this post you will get mumbai darshan lyrics. Mumbai Darshan lyrics by Devil LE HIPHOP KI DHUN SUN KYU BAITHA … Read more

Maachis lyrics Loka

Maachis lyrics Loka Loka drops a disstrack for ashish bhatia on his hi youtube channel. This track is so brutal and direct diss for ashish bhatia he talk about MTV rodies , and put a voice note on his track. So lets jump into the Loka machis lyrics Maachis lyrics loka Best Rapping course for … Read more

Kidshot haadse Lyrics

Haadse Lyrics KIDSHOT Kidshot drops another track titled “HAADSE” from mass appeal India. This track has a very awesome vibe . Haadse is written and performed by Kidshot and music produced by Basshole. In this article, you will get Kidshot haadse Lyrics or haadse Lyrics by Kidshot. Haadse Lyrics Dekhe Jo khwaab me karunga pure … Read more

Chokas lyrics M zee bella

Bella chokas lyrics M zee Bella drops another song on his youtube channel. In this post you will get Chokas lyrics by m zee Bella. Credits Track – Chokas Artist – Bella और Sarkaar Lyrics – Bella और Sarkaar Composer – Bella और Sarkaar MixMaster – Bella Music Produced By – Hamdi Chokas lyrics [intro] … Read more