J trix Bohot Sahi lyrics Krsna

J trixs Bohot Sahi lyrics Krsna Bohot sahi lyrics J Trix

J trix will release last song of the this year Bohot Sahi with one of the best rapper of India KR$NA. Te song Bohot Sahi will be released on kalamkaar youtube channel at 11 am, 29th december 2020. Here You will get Bohot Sahi lyrics J trix Feat Krsna. This is first collab songs of … Read more

Shloka Bitiya lyrics English and hindi

Shloka release another great song titled Bitiya. The song bitiya releases on @4th december 2020. This song is written and sung by Shloka and music produced by Shashwat. Shloka written this song about daughter and father. How a father take care his daughter. In this post you will get Bitiya shloka lyrics. Bitiya Shloka Lyrics … Read more

Raga Kaisa hai bhai lyrics Raga

 Raga Kaisa hai bhai lyrics Raga drops another songs titled KAISA HAI BHAI. This song is written and sung by Raga and beat produce by UZI.    In this article you will find raga kaisa hai bhai lyrics, so lets start kaisa hai bhai raga lyrics. Checkout – Raga Whats Poppin Lyrics Kiasa hai bhai Raga … Read more

MC Stan Amin lyrics Mc stan

 Amin mc stan lyrics Mc stan release another song from his album titled AMIN from his album Tadipaar. In this post you will get mc stan amin lyrics. so lets start  amin  mc stan lyrics. MC Stan Amin lyrics MERI MAA MEKO EK DIN DEKH KE , KYU RO PADEE BOLTI TERE HAAL DEKH ,TERE … Read more

Fetish lyrics Dhruv Sthetick

Indian melody Dhruv Sthetick release a song titled  Fetish. The song Fetish is written and sung by Dhruv Sthetick. Dhruv Sthetick also produced music for this song. Fetish Dhruv Sthetick lyrics Here you will get Dhruv Sthetick fetish lyrics or fetish lyrics Dhruv Sthetick. So lets start fetish lyrics. Dhruv Sthetick Fetish lyrics I was smoking … Read more

Jokhay Gulshan Lyrics Feat Talha Yunus, JJ47 and Shareh

Jokay Drops 7th track titled Gulshan From His EP Khana Badosh. The song GULSHAN was released on Jokhay Official youtube Channel on 15th december 2020. Song Is written by Jokhay, Talha Yunus, Shareh and JJ47.  Gulshan Lyrics by Jokhay, talha Yunus , Shareh and JJ47 In this article you will get  Jokhay gulshan lyrics or … Read more

Rap Demon Aiteraaf Lyrics

 Aiteraaf Rap Demon Lyrics Rap Demon Release another song titled  Aiteraaf . The song Aiteraaf is written,perform and music and performance by Rap Demon.  In this post you will see Aiteraaf lyrics rap demon or Aiteraaf rap lyrics by Rap Demon. Aiteraaf lyrics Rap Demon Pinned by High Zone Records Rap Demon 2 days ago Lyrics … Read more